Furniture factory Union Drvo Svilajnac

Company Union Drvo opened factory of furniture production in Svilajnac, at the address Prilepska 2a. Factory is placed on 3000 m2 and is equipped with the most modern equipment for woodworking and upholstery. In factory Union Drvo works over 35 professionally trained people.

By opening its own production facility for production of furniture and elements of interior Union Drvo made a possibility to adapt its products to special demands of architects and designers, especially regarding to elements of massive wood or specific models of designed pieces of upholstered furniture. Flexible production based on the principle custom made production of furniture and parts of interior according to drawings and projects where customer have a great opportunity of choosing models, dimensions and materials for elements of interior of their catering facility.

This type of work, makes Union Drvo unique at the market of production and distribution of furniture on the domestic and foreign market. Union Drvo tends to provide quality, innovative design and great choice of new models of chairs, armchairs, tables and other pieces of interior.


Union Drvo
Pančevački put 64,
11210 Beograd


+381 11 27 111 28